The Dome Pub, Fuerteventura - Bar & Restaurant Caleta de Fuste
The Dome Pub, Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura

These are some reviews about The Dome Pub and Caleta De Fuste... if you have any comments do visit the 'Dome Chat' page and tell us about your experience...

Simon Walley. Date of travel: April 2010 
Best bar on the island. Its got a blindin terrace!!!! 
Tracey McCartney. Date of travel: March 2010
Missing the BIG BOYS Breakfast with extra sausage already. Only been home 1 day!!!! 
Katy Cater. Date of travel: Feb 2010
Great Pub, nice brekkies, can't wait to go back!!
Dave Turnbell. Date of travel: Jan 2010
The landlord of The Dome brings an end to an era here in Caleta- and huge street credit and respect from those he fought to get this town noticed. His menu, or should I say his daughters, is a proven winner - they do everything you could find at home from scampi to pies. But their claim to fame is their home cooked lines- a fusion at its best spaghetti, seafood, Thai red and green curry, Mexican, Indian, Carribean and sunday roast to die for... and a free bottle of wine with every meal for 2. Julie there is the chef and the lady who had ran arsenal football grounds restaurants - she also catered for the Chanel Tunnel..AND has is responisble for the fine food served at the Barbacan. 7 draught beers, comedy and live music. The Icing on the cake for any holiday!
Matthew Bethell. Date of travel: Oct 2009
During the day some of the sports are shown, so wont have to miss important games while you are away. The dome has a large balcony with seaview and open air so can relax and sip cold beer in the sun ( ALL year round!)
Melanie Stones . Date of travel: Sept 2009
I like caleta, I try to come most years. This bar/restaurants in particular is my personal favourite. During the day open for breakfasts, though the whole menu is indeed served all day. The menu consists of Mexican, Thai. German, Jamaican..inspired by the chef and the owner and his Thai wife. The fusion of internstional experience makes it a great food place. 

Tim Baker. Date of travel: Aug 2009
We found the best place to eat was The Dome, just round the corner from Villa Florida, BIGGER breakfasts than other places for better prices than other places in comparison. Will be returning next year.
Shirley Thomas. Date of travel: July 2009
There are a few pubs and restaurants about, it is a very family orientated resort. The Best place for food and entertainment for us was The Dome - great shows for the kids and really big diversified menu so we went quite a few times during our 2 week holiday in Caleta. 

 Mark Carpenter. Date of travel: December 2008
The resort had plenty to do - Mini Golf and Tennis right next to the beach. The beach itself was decent, clean and close to most hotels bars and restaurants. My favourite evening was watching my mate get hypnotised at The Dome Pub. Got to watch my football there too ( i'm a gooner through and through!)

 Kirstie Tavender. Date of travel: Aug 2008
The beach in Caleta de Fuste was absolutely amazing, it was only a minute walk to the beach from club el castillo which was very handy. The town has many shops and bars/clubs, the entertainment in most bars and/clubs were very good.
 Kerry Hammond. Date of travel: June 2008
The resort is absolutely brilliant, and the restaurants are superb! Standards of cleanliness and food fabulous. Never experienced such high standards for such great prices. The Dome food and entertainment both quite good- everything from mixed grill to Thai Curry!!
Stuart Montgomery. Date of travel: Jul 2007
Calete de Fuste is in a great location. Great climate, people, bars and restaurants.